about me

For those interested in knowing, I’m a counselor that specializes in marriage and family therapy.  I’m based in NJ and currently work as a clinician at a local community organization (no, I’m not in private practice yet so I’m not taking clients).  I’ve worked with families since 2004 (in various capacities) and am currently working toward accumulating the sufficient number of hours for a clinical license in NJ.  I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Montclair State University (2002) and a masters degree in Behavioral Sciences/Psychological Services as well as a Professional Diploma in Marriage & Family Therapy from Kean University (2005 & 2010, respectively).

Professional training aside, I have several other interests that will come up often on this site.  I am an avid fan of good music (mostly non-mainstream hiphop) and an amateur music producer.  I’m no musician but I know my way around pro audio software and equipment.  I’ve been at it since 1995 so I’m no newcomer (check out for some examples). 

Aside from music, I’m a COMPLETE TECH JUNKIE.  Much of my time is spent keeping up tech news, finding new ways to use tech (i.e. coding, photo editing, podcasting, etc.), and learning about the business behind technology.  Suffice it to say that my tech “nerdery” has allowed me make music, produce video, design graphics, build websites, etc.

Lastly (and most importantly, IMO), I have a Christian worldview.  I won’t use this platform to discuss my faith/beliefs but I’d be remiss not to mention my worldview because it influences every aspect of my life in some way.  

Other interests: paintball, video games, running, and zombies.