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If you have a question about relationships, mental health, or technology and wouldn’t mind me answering your question on the blog (either in a regular post or video blog), feel free to ask me for my thoughts and opinions by going to the link below.  I won’t be able to respond to all of you, but I’ll try my best.  However, know that there are a few rules that MUST be adhered to before I’ll consider giving any thoughts or opinions:

I know advice is probably what you might want, however I don’t want to get sued. I am, however, always open sharing some thoughts and opinions.  Just be clear that I am NOT giving clinical advice… use my thoughts and opinions at your own discretion.

2) You understand that by submitting a question, you’re agreeing NOT to hold me, Tumblr, or anything I’m associated with legally or morally responsible for any outcome you may experience as a result of reading/watching my thoughts & opinions.  In other words, you waive the right to sue in your country/territory.

3) You are 18-years-old or older.

4) KEEP IT SHORT (10 to 600 words)
I understand your issue is complex but I simply can’t respond to all the questions I get.  Keep it around 10 to 600 words (anything longer and I won’t consider replying).

5) If I addressed a similar question in a previous post, I won’t respond
Check out the LuvBuzd YouTube channel to see if I’ve discussed you question in the past (just search the channel)  or check out the previous posts here on the blog (you can search here too).

6) You include the following around your name/pseudonym so I know you read this: ~”your name”~
I WILL NOT answer questions if you don’t have the ~ and ” around your names.  I need to be certain that you’ve read my guidelines and agree to these guidelines.

7) You don’t mind me leaving in any bad spelling, grammar, or punctuation in your question.
I’m a jerk when it comes to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Unless English is not your native language, there shouldn’t be many problems with how you write… so please know that how you write your question is how it’ll appear on the blog.  Oh and if it’s especially painful to read because of spelling, grammar, or punctuation, I might bust your chops about it (remember, I’m a jerk about these things, lol).

8) You understand that I may not get around to answering your question.
I know it sucks, but (like I said) I get a lot of questions… and many of them are similar to previous questions.

Thanks for reading & watching LuvBuzd!

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