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Thanks for watching the show and visiting the website.  Let me start by saying that I used to be able to reply to all of the email I got at LuvBuzd personally but it became way too time consuming.  Also, despite stating that I don’t give advice way too many people emailed me asking me for some (I can’t give it because I don’t want to get sued)… but I will often give an OPINION.  However I still do want to hear from you so there are a few ways to reach out to me…

NOTE: By posting comments/questions, you’re giving me permission to use your comment/question on the website or in a future episode.


1) Go to and ‘like’ the page.

2) Post a comment or question on the wall or under the episode you’re referencing.  Remember that everyone can see what you’re writing.

NOTE: Rude, racist, and or incendiary posts will be reported to Facebook and deleted.  Also, don’t friend request my personal Facebook account… I use it for personal communications with friends and family only.


1) Follow me at

2) “At-reply” me (i.e. @rogergil79) your comment/question

3) Limit your question/comment to ONE TWEET… trying to follow multiple tweets is difficult (remember, Twitter was meant to be SHORT) so if you need to say more than what 140 characters will allow, get at me via Facebook or YouTube.


1) Subscribe to LuvBuzd by going to

2) Leave a VIDEO REPLY with your comment/question on the video you’re referencing.  Keep the video replies to 45 seconds or less because I’ll most likely answer your question on a future episode (by posting a video reply, you’re agreeing to let me use your clip).

3) Remember that you are posting to a public website so everyone can see what you’re saying.

4) I will not respond to written comments or to inbox messages… again, it takes too long and very often I get asked the same questions.

I know this may seem like I’m making myself less accessible but know that this was a difficult decision for me to make.  There were too many people being rude because they hid behind anonymity and there were also too many asking for advice that I truly could not give.  By holding viewers accountable for their words, I’m hoping to avoid rude/racist comments while limiting the 1000-word, “please help me get my ex back” questions to short, “have you done a video about getting an ex back?” questions.

I truly appreciate your viewership and hope that you enjoy watching the show.  Remember that you can access all the LuvBuzd links at the top of the main page (check the icons on the upper-right corner).  Thanks again for watching.

Roger S. Gil, MAMFT