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Alarmist headline about spanking could lead to misinformation

I frequently post links to articles and blog posts related to mental health, relationships, and parenting on this blog.  In my search for links to post on the blog today, I came across the following on ABC News’ website [full disclosure: I’ve linked to ABC News in the past and will do so when I find something that I think is useful]:

With that headline, I immediately clicked since I figured that there was finally some research that clearly makes a valid case against corporal punishment (something I often deal with in session with parents who have lost custody of their children because of physical abuse).  As I read the post and clicked through to the source material, it became apparent to me that this was another example of baiting readers with a headline that can lead to misinformation about a study’s actual findings.

The study DOES NOT find a causal relationship between corporal punishment and adult mental illness;  in fact it says so in the blog post itself.  I am NO FAN of corporal punishment and I am aware that that is more the result of my own personal biases than of any definitive scientific literature (even though there are MANY studies out there that frown upon corporal punishment).  The issue I have here isn’t with the study (there are PLENTY OF PROFESSIONALS who have effectively voiced their concerns with the study in question on the MedPage Today website), it’s with the misleading nature of the headline.  How can you lead off a story by saying that “A causes B” and then go on to say that “it can’t be said that A causes B”?  Doing this is irresponsible because it will inevitably cause people who scan headlines and don’t read articles to believe a false statement.  Sure we can balk at the people that just scan headlines but those are the same people that the people that published these posts were going for.

I don’t really take issue with ABC News because their post was done by a staff writer.  The MedPage Today post appears to have been reviewed by 2 medical professionals… I wonder if they had to review the headline as well.  The bottom line is that more care needs to be taken to not put forth headlines that could lead to erroneous assumptions.  

Rant over.


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does a healthy diet help kids with ADHD?

New study suggests a healthy diet may help kids with ADHD.

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When raising your children, don’t be the parent you needed and wished you had when you were their age. Be the parent that YOUR CHILD needs YOU to be.
Roger S. Gil, MAMFT

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a relationship between depressed dads & kids with behavioral issues observed

Came across this article and have to admit that it resonated with my clinical side.  While we can’t say with certainty that parent depression causes child behavioral issues (or vice versa), I can honestly say that I’ve observed this relationship with some of the people I’ve helped in the past (usually with depressed mothers). This is definitely an area that merits more research.

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AP: Parents buy kids' silence with cellphones, iPods, tablets

Can’t say I agree 100% (especially since parents have been “buying” their children’s silence for generations) but technology does make it easier.  Still, nothing beats engaging with your child.

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Facebook: Mommy Made Me an Online Delinquent(via @Gawker)

Researchers discovered the weak link in child protection laws: Parents. A federal rule designed to keep stalky marketers away from kids is being thwarted by moms and dads seeking to expose their kids to…